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The Henrys

Est. 1993

The Henrys are an American rock & roll band whose music does not fit neatly into a single rock genre. The band is certainly steeped in the Southern and classic rock traditions, but is not shy about straying beyond those boundaries into blues or even pop if that is where the songwriting takes them. But, The Henrys are definitely a rock band through and through, and refer to their brand of music as Raw Dawg Rawk. As such, The Henrys don't mind a rough edge or two on their songs - after all they are first and foremost a band built for live performance. For The Henrys, performing is the most important aspect of what they do. In the studio, their philosophy is that  recordings should capture the energy and spontaneity of a live performance. Be that as it may, live or in a recording, The Henrys always leave their audiences wanting more.

Cross-Eyed Cat Album is Released!!

The Henrys debut album is finally released! Head to your favorite streaming or download platform to give it a listen! CD's are also for sale at The Henrys store here on the website. Links to The Henrys on most of the major digital platforms can be found at the bottom of The Henrys website pages...

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The Henrys are:

RANDY GUYESKA - lead vocals, guitar


BRYAN TOLL - bass, vocals

BRAD MIZE - keyboards, vocals

BOO ENGLISH - guitar, vocals


TOM YAZVAC - keyboards

Latest News

1 August 2022: Fans can now access information about the band through ReverbNation! If this is your preferred artist tracking platform, you are now properly empowered to keep track of The  Henrys there! Here is the link to the band's RN homepage: The Henrys on ReverbNation

26 July 2022: The date of the Rock For Angel benefit concert in Kannapolis, NC has been changed! The new date is 1 October. Make sure to update your calendar for this can't-miss event. This will be a day-long event including up to 10 live bands, food vendors, and outdoor activities for kids. The event is being held to raise money for the local Down Syndrome Foundation.

16 July 2022: The third live video from The Henrys album debut concert in Macon has been published! Be sure to check it out on the band's YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IUmhq9ih1s

16 June 2022: The Henrys will be releasing a live single from their album release concert back in January! Stay tuned for that!

7 April 2022: Another video from Macon! Check out Way Down, filmed live at the Douglass Theatre back in January. View it from the Video section here or externally. Here is a direct YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKOTjvf3-TQ

 17 March 2022: The first video from the Cross-Eyed Cat album release concert in Macon, GA is live on The Henrys' YouTube channel. Take a look at Cant Get Over You from the show! Go to the "Video" section of the webpage, or click this direct link to open the video in YouTube directly: https://youtu.be/FC9FZOFhDJs


Douglass Theatre - Macon, GA

Henrys, Macon, Douglass Theatre,

The Henrys

Douglass Theatre - Macon, GA - 29 Jan 2022

Be sure to check out the Photos page for more images from this debut concert!